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Technology Solutions of Utah offers a unique level of experience in the hospitality sector. When we partner with Hotels and other venues we strive to provide seamless and exceptional service while maintaining a high level partnership within the property. We Value our relationships and we value hotel partner's needs and client's desires.

TSU-AV is able to place professional AV technicians on-site at your property who not only excel in the technical aspects of their jobs, but are truly sales and service professionals. We strive to create a truly seamless operation, our audio visual department will be your department in the eyes of your guests and clients.

In addition to top notch people and services, TSU is able to offer top of the line and industry standard equipment. When you put it all together, TSU is a true partner. Let us take your convention facility to the next level.

Call TSU today to arrange a meeting to discuss how we can work together to satisfy all of your Audio Visual Requirements, and really take your property to the next level in service.




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